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Welcome to Joe's Diabetes!


Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting Joe's Diabetes and our new website! 

We think that having diabetes is hard. It's a tricky disease to manage and it can be scary at times.  

We want to provide good quality products and services that make living with diabetes that much easier. In part, that's what the new site's about: it's cleaner and simpler to navigate. 

Products don't solve everything though, so we're looking at building a section that offers help with managing the bits of your life that are affected by diabetes. To start with we've added a new page about how to handle the 'Type Zeros' in your life, and included a worksheet you can download to help you explain what it's like to live with diabetes.  

At the moment we're just stocking our own products but we will be looking to add other people's too, offering some innovative services to help people learn to deal with their diabetes, as well as information about living with diabetes. And there should be some new products heading your way soon so watch this space...

Also, we're really interested to hear your thoughts on developments in the world of diabetes, if there's any you'd like us to stock, or anything else we can do to help you!

Finally, I'll be doing my best to keep this blog up to date (!), giving my views on the latest goings-on, as well as advice on living well with diabetes. 

Thanks for visiting!