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Joe's Small-in-one Diabetes Case

Diabetes supply cases can really make a difference to your quality of living. Carrying around diabetic supplies is a chore. While each part can be quite small, together all the necessary stuff is bulky and chaotic to take everywhere.

Joe's Small-in-one is our answer to this problem. It takes all an insulin-dependent diabetic needs for 24 hours of treatment: from injections and glucose testing to treating a hypo, this carry-case takes everything, so you can be sure you have all your supplies in one place. Crucially though, it is also one of the smallest cases around. 

Now also available in blue, green, red and pink. Check them out below! 


There is nothing else available on the market that will carry as much equipment, of such variety, in such a small size, at this low price. It features:


Small Size

It is one of the smallest available on the market at only 7" x 5" x 0.75" (165 x 15 x 20mm), and can fit into a suit pocket.



Joe's Small-in-one is made from durable nylon and has an outer ID pocket. In addition, it is washable at 40 degrees. 


Large Capacity

It will carry all the diabetic supplies and equipment necessary for 24 hours' worth of treatment. All the following:



2 insulin pens (including Timesulin caps)

4 needles

4 lancets

1 finger-pricker

1 glucose meter

1 pot of test-strips

Glucose tablets/ glucose gel

Diabetic ID


A range of colours





Joe's Small-in-one will carry the vast majority of glucose meters available. Testing has so far shown that the following meters will fit:


FreeStyle Freedom
FreeStyle Freedom Lite
FreeStyle Libre
FreeStyle Lite
FreeStyle Mini
Freestyle Optium Neo
Optium Xceed
Breeze 2
Contour Link
Contour XT
Contour Next
Contour Next USB
SensoCard Plus Talking Meter
Smart System
Trueresult twist
Supreme Plus
OneTouch Ultra2
OneTouch UltraEasy
OneTouch UltraSmart
OneTouch Verio
OneTouch Verio IQ
GlucoMen Visio
GlucoMen LX Plus
GlucoMen GM
Accu-Chek Aviva
Accu-Chek Aviva Nano
Accu-Chek Compact Plus
Accu-Chek Mobile
WaveSense Jazz
MyStar Extra

Great value

Joe's Small-in-one, available in black, blue, green, red, or pink only costs £21.00 including P&P.

Shipping: Joe's Diabetes' P&P costs are based on weight, and can be FREE for UK 

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Joe's Small-in-one




Carry all your diabetic equipment easily in Joe's Small-in-one, the smallest case of its kind.
It measures 7" x 5" x 0.75" (165 x 15 x 20mm),  and takes all you need for 24 hours.