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Joe has had Type 1 Diabetes for over 15 years. Since learning to take control, he has given a number of talks to professional, school, diabetic and lay audiences, to raise awareness and discuss issues surrounding diabetes.

Joe has given talks at the Diabetes UK Annual Professional Conference, the Diabetes UK Northern Ireland Conference, Diabetes UK Wales parents’ event, the Getting Sorted launch event, King’s College School, the Oxford Young Diabetics group, and to groups of Healthcare Professionals in hospitals across Ireland and the UK. 

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 Taking Control

When Joe was diagnosed as diabetic, it threw his world into a tailspin. After many trials and a fair few errors, he was able to manage his glucose, live a normal life, and overcome the stigma of diabetes. This inspirational talk shows how you too can take control of your diabetes and reclaim your independence.

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What is diabetes?

For so many people, their understanding of diabetes is at best theoretical, and at worst based upon a collection of half-truths, myths, and misunderstandings given out by pop-culture. In this talk, Joe explains the realities of diabetes and what it’s like to live with a long-term condition.

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Clinical Issues


Across the UK, treating diabetes is an ever-present and ongoing challenge for Health Care Professionals. In this talk, Joe explores the psychology of dealing with diabetes, the issues facing clinics, and what can be done to create a more patient-centred approach. This talk is often given as part of the Supporting Young Adults Workshop, given in conjunction with Successful Diabetes.

Comments from participants in the workshop have included:

'The course allowed us a structured opportunity to talk openly about positive changes to our diabetes service'

'Great to get new approaches to understanding patients' needs and build relationships'

'Has changed my way of approaching teenagers'


If you are interested in taking part in this workshop and learning how to turn around your clinic, please contact Joe's Diabetes