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The Diabetes Manual Complete


Are you newly diagnosed with Type Two diabetes?

Or had it for some time and  are still ‘none the wiser’?

Do you prefer to learn on your own, rather than in a group?

Would you like a practical, interesting way of learning all about diabetes, in your own time at home, with periodic personal support by phone or email?


’No referrals, no waiting lists and no extra appointments’

You can help yourself to research-based, tried and tested learning about diabetes, which includes an introduction and support from a trained coach at times planned to suit you. Diabetes Manual Complete has exactly the same credentials as an NHS education programme, but without the need for referrals, waiting lists or extra appointments.


’One-to-one; All-in-one’

Diabetes Manual Complete is a 12-week learning experience, which you work through at home, using an inspiring book filled with over 300 pages of diabetes information, illustrations, stories and quizzes, plus online (or CD) based activities for effective stress reduction.

You also receive friendly and helpful, personal support from a specially trained Diabetes Manual Complete Coach by telephone or email every few weeks, at convenient times.


’Confidence in learning’

As you work through Diabetes Manual Complete, you will find yourself:

Gaining practical knowledge and understanding about your diabetes and how and why it affects your whole body

Feeling less stressed about diabetes and life in general

Feeling more confident about managing your diabetes and knowing exactly how to handle it

Experiencing fewer diabetes-related problems

Seeing an improvement in your blood glucose levels, both daily and overall (HbA1c)


'Diabetes Complete'

Diabetes Manual Complete is a great investment in your health and life with Type Two diabetes for today and for your future because it has been developed specifically for busy people trying to do their best to keep in good health. So you can follow this unique and inspiring programme wherever you are!

For 12 weeks it will fit into your everyday life and help to keep you on track in your own time and at your own pace. You’ll also have audio stress-reducing support to help keep the butterflies at bay. For help and encouragement, your Diabetes Manual Complete Coach is there to support you.


Special Offer for Joe’s Diabetes 

Normally, the Diabetes Manual Complete (available in hard copy or as an eBook) costs £200.00, inclusive. 

However, when purchasing from quote the code ‘JD2015’ to receive 10% off.

Price includes:  Diabetes Manual Complete materials and Coach support, postage if needed, to UK addresses, and the personal attention of Successful Diabetes, so you’ll have everything you need to start getting the benefits Diabetes Manual Complete will give you!