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Type 2 Diabetes Education

Diabetes is a complicated and difficult condition to control, and without proper education it’s very likely you’re not going to get anywhere quickly.


Having theoretical knowledge isn’t enough: a person with diabetes needs a practical understanding of their condition. You need to know what to do if you’re hypo, not just how your blood sugar will fall. It was this need for better education for Type 1 diabetics that drove Joe Fraser to write Joe’s Rough Guide to Diabetes.


Improving the education of Type 2 Diabetes is really important. People (including health professionals) often overlook the seriousness of Type 2 Diabetes and can’t attend  the proper training - or aren't offered it - needed to manage the disease. This can lead to devastating complications such as blindness, amputations, and kidney disease. A lot of these problems are preventable if Type 2 Diabetes is managed successfully day-to-day.


So Joe’s Diabetes is delighted to announce we’ve teamed up with Successful Diabetes to provide ‘Diabetes Manual Complete’, an education programme for people with Type 2 Diabetes. 


Successful Diabetes is run by Rosie Walker, a former Diabetes Specialist Nurse. The Diabetes Manual Complete’ was developed by Professor Jackie Sturt at Warwick University, with Rosie involved in the research team. Rosie now has a licence from Warwick Medical School to distribute the programme and so help people with Type 2 get the learning they need, both in the NHS and directly, as they prefer.


This structured education programme is designed to be undertaken at your convenience, from your own home, giving you the chance to by-pass any NHS waiting lists, referrals and classrooms and help yourself to quality diabetes education! On top of that, Joe's Diabetes customers receive 10% off!


Click here for all the details about the 'Diabetes Manual Complete'.


Follow this link for Successful Diabetes’ position statement on diabetes education for Type 2 diabetes.