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YOUR WAY - Diabetes Self-Management

‘Your Way’ summarizes the ideas found Joe’s Rough Guide to Diabetes. Managing your diabetes is all about finding out what works for you individually. This means you need to experiment with different levels of exercise, insulin doses and food intake, so you can take control of your diabetes.


Discovering how to do that is hard though, and Joe’s Rough Guide to Diabetes was written to help you find your way to achieve it.


Handily, ‘YOUR WAY’ also forms a neat acronym of the seven points you need to remember to achieve a good basic level of control!




You're responsible for your diabetes

Only you can work out how to control your diabetes

Urgent assistance is required if you have ketoacidosis

Remember to measure your glucose level before and after you do something new


Whenever you travel take extra supplies

Always carry something sweet on you

You have a hidden disability, but don't let it stop you living your life